Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Did Carrie Underwood Have Plastic Surgery?

Carrie Underwood is best known as one of the queens of country music, so it is no wonder that she is always under the spotlight. Besides her golden voice, her appearance also steals a lot of attention.

The latest rumors say that she had undergone a plastic surgery. This rumor began spreading after some viewers see before and after photos of Carrie Underwood.

The procedures of Carrie Underwood plastic surgery are predicted covering a nose job, botox injections, lip fillers breast implants, and chin augmentation.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did she look like having some work done in her face? Let’s investigate!


Carrie Underwood Nose Job

Did Carrie Underwood get a nose job? Judging from before and after pictures, experts believe that she definitely has rhinoplasty. Look at the pictures below!

Carrie Underwood nose job before and after

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman, the nose job is said to have helped feminize Carrie Underwood nose, softening a small bump and narrowing the tip.

“Carrie’s features seem to be enhanced by rhinoplasty that narrowed her bridge and reduced her natural bump and tip,”

Another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Payman Simoni, agrees “Carrie Underwood nose looked wider and less feminine when she was younger. Her nose is now in balance with the rest of her face. It hasn’t created a major drastic change in her overall appearance, but she looks more feminine and refined.”

Carrie Underwood Breast Implants

Besides nose job, she was also rumored having been under knife for breast implants. This allegation is based on the pictures comparison between Carrie Underwood before fame with the latest one.

Carrie Underwood breast implants before and after

From the comparison above, it is very noticeable that Carrie Underwood boobs now look bigger and fuller than before. Do you agree?

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection 

Another rumor going around on the internet and spreading in several forums is that Carrie Underwood had undergone a Botox injection to reduce the aging signs like wrinkles in her face. As a result, her facial skin now looks soft and toned than other women in her age.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, the truth of this rumor is still debated by her fans. Some agreed that she did it, but not a few of her fans see that her youthful face is due to her clever use of makeup to conceal fine lines on the face.

Carrie Underwood Lip Injections & Chin Augmentation

People see that her lips were also likely enhanced through plastic surgery. They see that her lips now look thicker and fuller than she used to. It might be as the result of lip injections.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery

The other face features which was possibly boosted through cosmetic surgery is her chin. This speculation is based on her chin which now looks a sharper and more defined than before.

Overall, Carrie Underwood has enhanced her appearance better after she won American Idol. Instead of showing signs of aging, she has exhibited excellent anti-aging ability with her appearances. Together with her improving beauty, her music career has advanced leaps and bounds from her audition in American Idol. Let’s look forward to more incredible hit singles from Carrie Underwood.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood plastic surgery?

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