Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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Cat Lady Plastic Surgery seems to be the right examples of extreme plastic surgery. ‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein has reportedly spent $4million on plastic surgery procedures.

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Based on the reports published by, the procedures of catwoman plastic surgery are a facelift, eye reconstruction surgery, lips injection, cheeks augmentation and chin surgery. Unluckily, they seemed not well-done. Instead of getting appearance like a wild cat, her appearance looks awful.

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

The case of Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery may become a famous example of plastic surgery gone wrong. How did Jocelyn Wildenstein look before and after plastic surgery? The followings are some photos of Cat Woman before and after being under knife.

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Images

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Pictures
Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Pictures

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before And After
The Cat Lady Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery Cat Lady
What do you think? She looks awful, Doesn’t she?

Jocelyn Wildenstein Progression

Jocelyn Wildenstein was spotted out for lunch at Armani Ristorante in New york City, with an all-black costume. She does not look as awful as before. She might get reconstructive surgeries to bring back her looks.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Progression

One source revealed two reasons why she decided to get an invasive plastic surgery. The first reason was due to her fears of being left by her husband Alec Wildenstein. Even though divorce was still going on after she discovered him having a fair with another woman.

The second reason of Cat Lady plastic surgery was due to her love to wild cats. She thought that by changing her appearance like a wild cat, her husband would more love her because Alec Wildenstein was best known as a billionaire in the field of art.

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Cat lady plastic surgery at least can give us a valuable lesson before making the decision to get cosmetic surgery because being under knife is not a trivial affair. Taking wrong decision, then your appearance at stake.

A plastic surgery can have life-changing and hugely beneficial consequences. But, to get the best result, the  decision should always be reached via a complete understanding about the benefits and risks of plastic surgery itself.