Chelsea Clinton Amazing Plastic Surgery Transformation

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

A lot of people wonder about Chelsea Clinton’s amazing transformation. They can’t believe how she could turn into a beautiful woman in very short time. They believe that the daughter of Hillary Clinton has had undergone plastic surgery to improve her looks.

Chelsea Clinton Breasts Picture

Did Chelsea Clinton Have Plastic Surgery? Let’s investigate!

The most prominent change in Chelsea’s transformation is her slimmed down nose, the disappearance of the bump on her nose, her new attractive pearly whites minus the excessive gums, and a new glamorous, retro hairdo. They see that they look like  enhanced through plastic surgery. See the pictures below!

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer, “Congratulations to Chelsea.  Her looks have improved over the years.  She has a less gummy smile, a nose that fits her face and appears happy.  All the best to the new couple.”

In addition, Dr. Anthony Youn says, ” A friend of mine, Dr. Jennifer Walden, has commented to The Examiner that she believes Chelsea underwent a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. After looking at photos, I would agree with her, although it seems to be difficult to separate what changes may be due to plastic surgery versus natural maturation. In addition, Chelsea’s gummy smile appears to be improved, which can be due to a surgical gummy smile repair (where the muscles that elevate the lip are cut) or Botox injections to paralyze these same muscles.”

Chelsea Clinton Teeth

Chelsea Clinton Teeth Before and After

Judging from before and after pictures above, it is pretty clear that Chelsea Clinton yellow teeth now look whiter than before. It is believed as the result of Cosmetic dentistry.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

Chelsea Clinton Nose Job Before and After

If you pay attention closely at her younger photo, her nose looks bulbous with bump at the tip. However, it has turned into slimmer and sharper, indicating nose job (rhinoplasty) was done well.

Chelsea Clinton and Chin Implants Rumors

The other face features which look like enhanced through cosmetic surgery is her cheeks and chin.

Look at the pictures comparison between before and after pics above! You will see a big change in before and after. Chelsea’s cheeks now look spacious and roomy than ever before.

According to some plastic surgeons, Chelsea has undergone a cheeks filler and chin augmentation. These two surgical procedures have brought a balance in her facial features that can make her look more beautiful and attractive.

Chelsea Clinton Lips

Chelsea Clinton Lips before and after

Besides nose job, chin and cheeks implants, viewers also look that her lips look much different than before. They predict that she could also undergo a lip injections to add the volume of her lips, so that it can look fuller and juicy than before.

Chelsea Clinton Breasts

The last procedure of plastic surgery which she might undergo is a boob job or breast augmentation surgery. This speculation is based on Chelsea Clinton breasts.

Chelsea Clinton breasts before and after


From before and after pictures, viewers see that her breasts now look a little bit bigger and fuller, indicating a boob job was done well.

Chelsea Clinton herself has denied that she had some plastic surgery procedures done. She ensured that she was clean from nose job, chin implants, breast implants, and lip augmentation.


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