Cher Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Cher Plastic Surgery List

Chers Plastic Surgery

Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, has become a subject of a plastic surgery gone wrong because her appearance now looks weird and even awful.

According to the rumors, the procedures of Cher plastic surgery are covering a facelift, brow lift, nose job, skin tightening and breast augmentation or boob job (breast implants).

Cher Plastic Surgery Images

Before we investigate further about the procedures of Cher Lloyd plastic surgery, let’s take a look at how she has changed over the years:

cher before plastic surgery
cher before and after plastic surgery

cher plastic surgery images
cher lloyd plastic surgery

What do you think about the transformation of Cher over the years ? Does she look better or on the contrary?


Now, let’s see Cher’s explanation about her surgical procedures!

Cher has openly admitted undergoing various plastic surgeries over the years including a boob job, nose job, eyelid surgery.

Cher Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Cher Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

When she was interviewed to give statements about the reason why she had undergone a breast augmentation surgery, Cher said:

“Oh, because they got so much bigger after Chastity was born, and I couldn’t bear to see them deflate.”

What about nose job (rhinoplasty)? She told that nose job was the first surgical procedure she had after seeing herself on film for the first time.

“I looked at myself up there on that screen and thought, I’m all nose.”

Besides that, she has also been rumored to have other plastic surgery procedures including enhancing the appearance of her teeth, liposuction, and a facelift.

However, she strongly denied to the rumors saying she had undergone cheek implants, a tummy tuck, and a rib removed. She said:

“I’ve had my cheekbones since I was small. And it is impossible to have a rib removed! When I heard that said of me I thought it particularly silly – but I will have to defend myself for the rest of my life against it.”

In addition, she also reveals that she’s now begun to undergo laser surgery to get rid of two of her “millions” of tattoos. But as for more extensive work, Cher says she has grown tired of all the speculation that she’s having more procedures.

“It bothers me sometimes,” Cher says, “but not enough to hold back my progress.”

In short, whatever she has done to improve her look is 100% her choice. We hope that she can stop taking additional plastic surgery procedures in the future, otherwise her appearance will be getting worse.


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