Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery: Fact or Rumor?

Courtney Love has long become the subject of plastic surgery rumours. She reportedly had undergone at least two or three nose jobs, facelifts, botox injections, lip injections, breast implants, and liposuction.

On the other hand, Courtney has never denied nor admitted having such plastic surgery procedures. She only told that she took advice from Goldie Hawn.

Did Courtney Love Get Plastic Surgery?

Before investigating further whether Courtney Love had plastic surgery or not, let’s see the following before and after pictures!

courtney love bad plastic surgery

courtney love plastic surgery before and after

courtney love plastic surgery disaster

courtney love plastic surgery pics

What do you think? Does she look much different now? Many viewers see that Courtney Love now looks much different than she used to. They think that her appearance now looks weird and even awful.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery History

Courtney Love Nose Job

According to the report published by, The widow of Kurt Cobain and former HOLE rock-n-roller Courtney Love underwent at least two or three nose jobs because the first rhinoplasty gave unsatisfactory result.

Courtney Love Nose Job Before and After

When she was asked whether she had undergone botched nose jobs or not, she denied these rumors. She told:

“I couldn’t get that surgery if I begged for it,”

On the other hand, her publicist was also dismissing these rumors, saying “Not true. She says she never got surgery.”

Courtney Love Weight Loss or Liposuction

Besides nose job, Courtney was also rumored having been under knife for liposuction. The rumor began spreading after some people saw some pictures of Courtney Love in two piece bathing suits which have been popping up on the web in various positions, sometimes showing her abdomen lined with Tara Reid-like ripples and lumpiness on her stomach.

courtney love weight loss

However, the truth of this rumor is still debated among viewers. Some believe that she has undergone a liposuction, but not a few of fans claimed that her slim body shape is due to weight loss.


According to plastic surgery expert, there is indeed some excess and loose skin on her stomach, it might be the effect of substantial weight loss. Looking close at the images, it appears that Courtney’s rapid weight loss is not due to liposuction.

Courtney Loves Boobs: Implants or Real?

The other surgical procedure which might be done by Courtney is boob job (breast augmentation surgery). In most of recent pictures, viewers can see Courtney Loves boobs have grown bigger with deep cleavage. See the pictures!

courtney love boobs job before and after

Courtney Love Facelift and Botox

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures taken by middle-age celebrities is a Botox injection. This procedure is usually used to perfect the other procedure like facelift surgery.

The main purpose of facelift and Botox injections is to get rid of the aging signs so that face skin can look fresh, younger, smooth and tight.

courtney love facelift

Did Courtney Love get facelift and Botox? Judging from before and after photos, it is very clear that her face skin still appears tight and smooth though her age is not young anymore, 50 years old. Therefore, viewers believe that she definately underwent a facelift and Botox.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Lips

A lot of people see that the only procedure that has made her look weird is too much lip injections. They notice that her lips now look a little bit swollen.

courtney love plastic surgery lips

However, some fans claim that her lips are not overdone but still look natural. Over all, her appearance still looks beautiful for a woman at age 50.

What do you think of Courtney Love plastic surgery? Did she really look like having bad plastic surgery, particularly nose job and lips injection?

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