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Did Debra Messing Have Plastic Surgery?

Debra Messing is best known as an American actress. She got the fame after she played a role as Grace Adler in the sitcom Will & Grace. Her name now becomes center of attention due to plastic surgery rumors. She reportedly had a plastic surgery after some viewers had seen there was something unnatural on her face and boobs.

debra messing plastic surgery

At 48, Debra is at an age when many Hollywood celebrities particularly actresses are busy to fight aging signs by getting invasive anti-aging treatments, Debra Messing appears to be taking it easy because she had already undergone an invasive plastic surgery in her youth.

Acording to the rumors, the procedures of Debra Messing plastic surgery are covering nose job, Botox, and boob job. The signs of those procedures can be seen in her nose, face skin, and her breast size.


Well, before we investigate further about the procedures of Debra Messing surgery, let’s take a look at the pictures below!

Debra Messing Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

debra messing nose job before and after

debra messing plastic surgery before after pics
debra messing and plastic surgery

Can you see the difference? Does she really look like having undergone a plastic surgery?

Debra Messing Nose Job

Look at Debra’s before surgery!  She was a lovely girl with a rather large nose. Now, the shape of Debra Messing nose has turned into slimmer with the tip that has been much better defined.

debra messing nose job pictures

In addition to Debra Messing nose job, she may now be using injectable fillers in her face to stay ageless and beautiful. This speculation can be proven from Debra’s smooth forehead. It rarely happens to other 48-year-old women having smooth and tight face skin if they did not have any cosmetic surgery procedures done. Therefore, viewers believe that she could have undergone Botox injection as well.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston, “Debra Messing’s photographs indicate she has had a Rhinoplasty but I do not see indication of other facial cosmetic surgery. There is some suggestion that she has had Botox injections in the glabella area.”

debra messing plastic surgery face

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer adds, “Besides nose job, she does look like she may have had Botox on her forehead and glabella and possibly dermal fillers in her upper nasolabial crease which appears blunted.”

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., said, “Debra Messing looks great. If anything, she may have had a bit of Botox to even out any lines that come with age. I would not change anything else about her, as her look is fresh and not in need of much rejuvenation.”

Debra Messing Boob Job Rumors

debra messing boob job before and after

The truth of Debra Messing breast implants rumor is indeed still debated by a lot of plastic surgeons. Some believe that she had undergone a boob job, but not a few of plastic surgery experts see that Debra Messing breasts are still natural without any implants inserted into her chest.

What do you think of Debra Messing plastic surgery rumors? Did she really look like having a little work done on her face and boobs?

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