Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

How Much Plastic Surgery Has Dolly Parton Had?

dolly parton face after plastic surgery

Dolly Rebecca Parton is best known for her trademarks of butterflies, big boobs, and wigs. She reportedly had some plastic surgery procedures done because her latest appearance now looks a little bit weird and even awful. Did she get plastic surgery gone wrong?


Dolly Parton herself has admitted to having a plastic surgery, breast augmentation, which has left her with over-sized breasts. She said:

“I’m in showbiz. I look at my boobs like they’re show horses or show dogs. You’ve got to keep them groomed.”

However, some some plastic surgeons predict that the procedures of Dolly Parton cosmetic surgery are not only covering boob job, but she could also has had brow lift, eyelid surgery, nose job, chin implant, several facelifts, facial fat grafting, Botox injection, and chemical peels or lasers for her skin.

Want to see how she looks before and after plastic surgery? See the picture comparisons below!

dolly parton and plastic surgery

dolly parton cosmetic surgery

dolly parton on plastic surgery


What do you think? Does she look better or on the contrary? Click NEXT to see what plastic surgeons will say about Dolly Parton surgeries

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