Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery During Friends Interview

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

Besides nose job (rhinoplasty), Former friend Jennifer Aniston was also rumored having boob job (breast augmentation) given via injection, known as Macrolane. This allegation is based on her cup size which now looks bigger and fuller than she used to.

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job Before and After

What is Macrolane? Plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia says, “Macrolane is a filler similar to Restylane. Its long-term affects in the breast are unknown. I wouldn’t recommend it at present.”

While Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “Macrolane is typically used for this “lunch hour” breast enhancement procedure in the UK since it is not FDA approved in the US yet for good reason. Macrolane is a temporary hyaluronic acid filler similar to Restylane used by some in order to increase bust size, but only up to one cup size bigger. Like any treatment where foreign material is being introduced into the body there are risks and complications. After injection of hyaluronic acid or fat into the breast there have been reports of encapsulation, interference with mammography, cysts, palpable lumps, and absorption of the material. I think Jennifer Aniston is smarter than that and likely did not get this procedure. Mild fluctuations in breast size are common with hormonal variations in the cycle as well as the use of certain types of padded or push-up bras.”

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implants Before and After

Did Jennifer Aniston Get a Boob Job?

According to Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston, there is no evidence that show Jennifer Aniston breast implants. He told that Jennifer Aniston boobs are still completely natural.

 “I see no evidence that Jennifer Aniston has had Breast Augmentation by any technique. I think her breasts are completely natural. Hyaluronic Acid injections to the breast is procedure that is not available in the United States (thank goodness!) for Breast Augmentation. As it has not been approved by the FDA. The injectable filler that is being used in other parts of the world is a acid gel that, in my opinion, has the potential for significant problems. At best it is temporary and the long term potential for confusion in mammograms is unknown. I have seen results from Europe where the patient describes increased breast volume for only 3 -4 months. In addition there scars on the breast left by the cannula injection site. I’m told that the injections can be expensive. I do not see them playing a major role in Breast Augmentation Surgery in the US.” 

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