John Travolta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

John Travolta Plastic Surgery has become headlines in this recent years. He reportedly got too much facelift which is combined with Botox injection. However, some viewers see that he does not only have plastic surgery face, but he might also have hair transplant.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

John Travolta Face Plastic – What Happened to John Travoltas Face?

People see that his appearance is very different in The People Vs OJ Simpson. He looks almost unrecognizable. One source even says that he stole Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face!

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The followings are some before and after pictures of John Travolta. You can compare them, and see whether John Travolta now looks much different or not!

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After
John Travolta Plastic Surgery Then and Now
John Travolta Plastic Surgery Pictures
John Travolta Hair Transplant

What do you think? Does he look much different? If he did, is that true that he had too much Botox injection and facelift surgery? Let’s see the answer below!

John Travolta Hair, Wig Hairpiece and Toupee

Is John Travolta Bald? This question began spreading after viewers saw him at the gym with bald spot. Afterwards, Soon they saw him precisely on Oscar 2014 with awesome hairstyle. They wondered if the actor has really suffered hair loss and used toupee or wig to hide his baldness.

John Travolta Toupee
John Travolta Toupee or Hair Transplant?

John Travolta hair piece still becomes something of a mystery. There some fans claimed that he only used wig to hide the baldness, but not a few of viewers predicted that he might have been under knife for hair transplant. Which one is ture?

According to Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif reports, “John Travolta doesn’t look like he has hair transplant. It does look like he is wearing some sort of hairpiece.”

Quoting from, Dr. William Rassman, a leading hair transplant specialist, commented “If these photos are his, unfortunately for John Travolta, an aggressive photographer caught this view of what appears to be a hair system. From any reasonable distance, a good hair system looks like a normal head of hair and I complement the folks that made this system.”

Regardless of whether he has had hair transplants or not, one thing that we could note from John Travolta hair if he really had hair treatments (hair transplant) is that his hair now looks dense. Whereas, as what we know the effect of hair transplant should not be as dense as what we see in the photos. So, we predict that he used wig or toupee instead of hair transplant.

John Travolta Face Lift and Botox

How old is John Travolta? He is 62 years old. Does he look like a 62 years old man?

Besides reportedly been getting hair transplant, Travolta was also rumored to have undergone a face lift surgery and Botox injection. The rumors began spreading after people saw his face look unbelievable. His forehead appears smooth and shiny without a lot of wrinkles. John Travolta’s face now looks artificial and his smile seems constricted.

John Travolta Face Lift Before and After

John Travolta face plastic reaps a lot of criticism from his fans in several forums and social media. They see that his changing looks are distracting. Viewers took to Twitter and posted memes, mean comments and even accused John of becoming obsessed with tanning and fillers. The 62-year-old plays high-powered attorney, Robert Shapiro on the show but fans are saying he looks nothing like him.

What Happened To John Travolta John Travolta Freak out Face John Travolta Face OffJohn Travolta Face Lift Picture John Travolta Face Face Off John Travolta


Judging by before and after pictures above, the rumors of John Travolta plastic surgery such as facelift and Botox injection seem to be an undeniable fact even though they are still unconfirmed by the actor.

If you are still in doubt whether he has been under knife or not, let’s take a good look again the following picture!

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics
John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

What do you think? Do you believe if he has had some work done on his face like facelift and Botox? You can share this post if you find something interesting in it!