Kris Jenner Before and After Plastic Surgeries

What Plastic Surgery Has Kris Jenner Had?

It’s no secret anymore that Kris Jenner has had plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures done to enhance her looks. The 61-year-old television personality openly admitted getting face lift surgery, Botox injection, fillers, lasers and a boob job.

Kris Jenner plastic surgery

The most fascinating of Kris Jenner surgery is watching the momager’s face which gradually changes as she gets more procedures of plastic surgery done to her face. Want to see her beauty evolution? See the pictures below!

Kris Jenner Before Plastic Surgeries

The followings are some pictures of Kris Jenner without plastic surgery procedures.

kris jenner before plastic surgeries pictures

Kris Jenner Before Having Plastic Surgeries, 1980

Kris Jenner Before Plastic Surgery

Kris Jenner before plastic surgeries, November 12, 1990

kris jenner cosmetic surgery

Kris Jenner Before Plastic Surgery, California (1991)

kris jenner before surgery

Kris Jenner Before Surgery, March 1999

Now let’s compare the pictures of Kris Jenner before plastic surgeries with the recent ones. And see whether she has changed a lot or not!

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The following picture comparisons will show you the result of Kris Jenner plastic surgery over the years.

Did Kris Jenner Have Plastic Surgery

Kris Jenner Before And After Plastic Surgery

kris jenner cosmetic surgery before and after

kris jenner plastic surgeries

What do you think? Does She still look beutiful or on the contrary?

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