Meg Ryan Before And After Plastic Surgery 2018

A lot of people are wondering what happened to Meg Ryan’s face. They see that her appearance now looks much different than she used to. If you do not believe, you can look at the picture comparisons below!

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After
Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After

Did Meg Ryan Have Plastic Surgery?

Since her dramatic appearance at the Tony Awards in 2016, some plastic surgeons agreed that Meg Ryan is likely had too much plastic surgery to her face. As a result, her appearance now looks weird and even looks awful.

The procedures of Meg Ryan plastic surgery were predicted covering lip injections, cheeks implants, eyes surgery, facelift, neck lift, and Botox injections.

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Now, let’s see the change in Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery!

Meg Ryan Lips Job 

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures
Meg Ryan Lips Before and After Plastic Surgery

Judging from before and after pictures, Meg Ryan lips indeed looks a little bit swollen. It might be due to excessive lip injections.

Meg Ryan Facelift and Neck Lift

Meg Ryan's Face After Plastic Surgery
Meg Ryan’s Face After Plastic Surgery

The lack of laxity in Meg Ryan’s face could also indicate that she has undergone a facelift and neck lift to fight against the sagging facial skin and jowling.

Meg Ryan Now and Then
Meg Ryan Now and Then

In addition, Looking at her forehead which has absolutely no creases but an overly-smooth and shiny appearance, Meg Ryan also appears to have had Botox injections.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: Cheeks Implants

Ryan's Cheek Before and After Plastic Surgery
Ryan’s Cheek Before and After Plastic Surgery

The other procedure of cosmetic surgery she had done was cheek implants. The sign of this procedure can be seen from Ryan’s cheek which still looks high though her age is not young anymore.

If you pay attention carefully at her eyes, they look pulled slanted now, indicating eyes surgery procedure.

In short, the force behind the new trend of celebrity using plastic surgery as the way to keep their youthful look is really irrational. They seemed forget about the risk of getting too much plastic surgery. They will not look better but their appearance will look worse as what we can see on Meg Ryan’s face.

What do you think of Meg Ryan plastic surgery? Did she look like having too much plastic surgery?