Nicole Richie Boob Job Before and After Pics

Did Nicole Richie Get A Boob Job?

It is an undeniable fact that most women, particularly celebrities, care about their appearance. Many of them will do every way in order to look beautiful and sexy even though they have to take the most extreme way, plastic surgery.

Nicole Richie Boob Job

latest rumor says Nicole Richie had undergone a cosmetic surgery to add her boobs size. This rumor began hot topic in several forums after some viewers saw her at the American Music Awards looking much bustier in her shimmering strapless gown.

The other thing from Nicole’s appearance at the American Music Awards that stolen viewers’ attention is her boobs. They saw that Nicole Richie boobs looked bigger than they used to.

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How well is Nicole Richie breast transformation? See the picture comparisons below!

Nicole Richie Boob Job Before And After

Nicole Richie Breast Augmentation

Nicole Richie Boobs Before And After

Nicole Richie Breast Implants Before And After

According to reliable sources, she indeed has undergone breast augmentation surgery.

“Nicole has worked hard to put on some weight, but she also got breast implants from a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about six weeks ago. The effect has been amazing. She looks great and feels great. And her new boobs have given her more confidence than she’s ever had before.”

The claim above is also justified by top plastic surgeon, who did not treated Nicole Richie breast augmentation. The doctor says:

“Nicole has gained a little weight, five pounds at the most – but her breasts have increased from AA to B, which is out of proportion to her relatively small weight gain.”

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Like other celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery, breast implants, Nicole Richie boob job still remains unconfirmed. She has neither admitted nor denied the boob job rumor addressed to her.

What do you think of Nicole Richie breast implants? Did she look like having her boobs enhanced through plastic surgery?

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