10 Non-Obvious Relationship Problems Signaling That Love Is Gone

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3. You are bored being together.

Before you were able to be together for days and not get tired of each other. You always had something to talk about and you were always happy to listen to what he had to say. Now, your evenings are boring, you don’t fool around hugging, and you are in different corners of the apartment on your phones.

These changes may signal both a crisis and the fact that the relationship is over. Maybe, you’ve changed a lot and you’re not interested in each other any longer.

4. You trust each other less.

Before, you used to tell your partner about all your important things. And all about the non-important things: he knew everything about your friends, your grandmother, and even her dog. Now you don’t even share the most interesting events, thoughts, or feelings. You prefer to deal with them yourself or tell your friends about them.

A lack of trust is a bad sign. The further away partners are from each other, the more estranged they become even if they live together. Do you feel an emotional connection?

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