10 Non-Obvious Relationship Problems Signaling That Love Is Gone

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9. You don’t want to solve problems.

You are ready to admit that the relationship has become worse than before. But you are not going to do anything about it. Or you are, but not now. Now, you want some alone time to wait until everything gets fixed on its own.

Some relationships last only because the people in them are not ready to end them. You don’t have enough energy or motivation to fix anything and you just continue living as usual. This is a dangerous strategy: it makes your life a routine. It’s better to take the step and break up than to live in apathy all the time.

10. You opened this article.

You probably already know that something is wrong with your relationship, otherwise, you wouldn’t even read this kind of article. Maybe it’s not over yet. It’s okay for every couple to have difficult periods. It’s important to be able to see the difference between these periods and more serious symptoms.

And how do you know that it’s time to end a relationship?

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