10 Relationship Issues That Are Actually Blessings In Disguise (And 10 That Will Hurt For A While)

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14. Blessing: Fighting All The Time

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It’s actually a good thing if you were in a relationship that involved you and your boyfriend fighting all of the time. Okay, it might not sound like that because arguments are the worst. No one wants to deal with that, especially not people who like to keep the peace and avoid confrontation and drama. Maybe that describes you, or maybe you don’t mind a fight as long as it’s productive and allows you to solve a problem.

Here’s why it can be a positive thing and a blessing in disguise: it shows you that this is not the way to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Your next relationship will benefit so much from this lesson. When your new boyfriend is upset about something, you can encourage him to talk about his feelings, and you can tell him that you don’t think that fights are always necessary. He probably has his own baggage surrounding fights and will appreciate how calm and logical you are, and you’ll both be so much better off. And it’s all because you went through this relationship issue. Sometimes, when you’re going through something in the moment, you have no idea how much better your life can get, and how much what you’re experiencing can teach you.

13. Hurt: Being Left At The Altar/On Your Wedding Day


While it’s a blessing to figure out that your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you and you can move on from that relationship, it’s definitely going to hurt for a while if he leaves you at the altar or decides that he doesn’t want to be together anymore and it’s your wedding day. Ouch.

There’s no easy way to stop this kind of hurt, so it’s probably better to accept that the next few months will be pretty tough and you’ll just have to get through it. Hopefully, you have amazing friends and family members who can help you out. It’s definitely a shame that this guy couldn’t have realized before your actual, literal wedding day that he didn’t feel right going through with the wedding and being with you. It might seem crazy that someone would back out on that day.

But at the same time, it kind of makes sense. People always talk about having “cold feet” and how that’s totally normal, so if you’re in this situation, your fiance might have just told himself that how he was feeling and what he was worried about was normal. It just turned out not to be normal at all.

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