12 Smart Ways of How to Text A Girl For The First Time Without Screwing It Up For Yourself and Leave a Good Impression

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Now that we’ve established you definitely need help in this field, let’s get to it. If you truly want to make a great first impression and leave a girl wanting more with you, here’s how to do it.

#1 Make sure she gave you her number. Getting her number from another guy or one of her friends doesn’t cut it. It’s super creepy to get an unexpected text in that way and she’ll be really annoyed right off the bat. So if you want to text a girl, ask for her number yourself.

Yes, you could easily have a friend give it to you if they have it, but like I mentioned, it’s a horrible idea. You can also make friends with her on social media and start messaging there before asking for her number. Either way, it has to come from her.

#2 Keep it simple to start. You don’t want to start a conversation going into insane details about your life. This will feel like you’re coming on way too strong and that could potentially scare her away. Instead, just keep it simple and say hello. Ask about her day and let the conversation carry on naturally.

#3 Ask some meaningful questions. Believe me when I say she’s bored of the same old, “what’s up?” So while you do want to keep things simple to start, once the conversation is going, ask some deeper, more meaningful questions.

Ask her what she likes to do for fun and if she wants to do something like that for a career someday. Ask her how she feels about something important happening in the world. These will leave a much stronger impression on her.

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