12 Smart Ways of How to Text A Girl For The First Time Without Screwing It Up For Yourself and Leave a Good Impression

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#4 Keep any sex jokes to yourself. They’re not funny and you’ll creep her out. Girls don’t want to talk about sex right away when a guy texts them. If you try, she’ll think you only want her for sex and that’ll end any chances you did have with her. So keep them to yourself.

#5 But still make some jokes. On the flip side, you still want to make her laugh. So long as the jokes aren’t sexual in nature, she’ll be happy to laugh with you. Don’t make any demeaning or offensive jokes, either. Keep them in neutral territory and you’ll do fine.

#6 Let her lead the conversation at some point. You did text her and while it may be tempting to take over and ask a bunch of questions to get her talking, you need to let her have some of the floor too. This also helps you gauge her interest.

If she does take over eventually, it means you made a great impression. She wouldn’t want to keep talking if that wasn’t the case. So give her some breathing room to see if she’s interested.

#7 Ask about her hobbies. You always want to ask about what a girl likes to do for fun. And don’t let her give you the same old, “I like to watch movies.” Instead, press her a little bit here and ask if she has any interesting hobbies. This will feel like a little challenge and she’ll feel the need to confess.

This will leave a great first impression simply because you might get a secret out of her. If you’re cunning enough to do that, she’ll want to keep talking to you.

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