13 Signs Your Best Friends Could Turn Out To Be Your Worst Relationship Nightmare

A long time ago, I saw this great girl from another college at a frat party.

I thought she was extremely cute and I really wanted to know her better.

We exchanged glances with each other all night, but she had to leave before I could make my move.

The next day, I got a note from her. One of our common friends hand delivered it to me. In the note, she mentioned that she really liked me and would like to meet me sometime.

I showed the note to my best friend, and he rubbished it immediately.

“She’s a whore, dude, she just wants to sleep around. And she doesn’t look good anyway… Forget about her, she’s just not worth it…” he said as he tore the note into bits.

I didn’t bother responding to the note, and forgot all about her.

A year later, I saw her again in another friend’s arm. She looked so stunning, I had a hard time holding my jaws shut. My friend introduced her and I found out later that he was her first boyfriend.

Apparently, she was a shy girl who never hung out with boys and was only interested in a serious relationship.

I felt like kicking myself in the head for being such a jerk and blowing her off after she worked her courage up to write me a letter.

But what I realized at the same time is how easily friends can manipulate you into walking away from perfect relationships.

13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship

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