15 Craziest Expectations Men Secretly Have When They’re In A Relationship

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Whether you and your man just took things to the next level or you’ve been together for quite some time now, there will always be expectations – secret and non-secret ones. Yes people, we all know you got one or two secret expectation from your man, and of course, men also have their set of secret expectations from their S.O.’s. And what’s more fun here is that even when men won’t admit it, they tend to have the craziest set of expectations.

Perhaps it’s in their system to have ridiculous things to expect from their partners so if you think you already you know your man, as in everything about him, think again. Chances are, he’s got some secret things he just assumes you fully understood the moment you said ‘yes’ to the relationship, because things shift easily like that… uhm, no. So, what are the most common and the craziest expectations men have when they’re in a relationship?

15. He Wants You To Be Jealous…But Not Too Jealous

If you think choosing between the royal blue and navy blue dress is confusing, wait until you meet a serious man who wants to be in a long-lasting relationship. Because while he wants a long-lasting relationship, he, like any other man, have the tendency to have jealousy issues. And no, it’s not that simple to understand. See, men hate it when you play the jealous girlfriend role. They hate it when you comment on every woman they work with, they hang out with, every woman in their life for that matter. But at the same time, most men also want their partners to be jealous, but only a little bit. Yeah, as in, be jealous but not too jealous. And they expect you to figure this one out the moment you get in a relationship with them.

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