15 Powerful Portraits Of Interracial Couples Paired With The Racist Comments They Received

Being in an interracial relationship can be a great experience but can also be filled with unexpected racial prejudice. Although times are changing, there are many who still believe that interracial relationships should not be allowed and frown upon those who pursue them.

We live in a diverse society where we cross paths each day with people from different backgrounds, cultures and races. With the vast amount of race and ethnic diversity, it is inevitable for some to become involved intimately and romantically. Although love sees no color lines, unfortunately many people do and these racial boundaries can affect how they feel about interracial relationships. Although race relations have improved and with country the becoming more accepting of different cultures, many problems and concerns still arise for those who choose to date outside of their race.

Interracial relationships are able to benefit those involved in many ways. It allows them to experience and learn about new cultures and backgrounds, providing them with an understanding and appreciation for others that they may not have previously had. It also gives an opportunity to look within oneself to and fully grasp the beauty and richness that is evident in people of different races and nationalities. While challenges are prevalent in all relationships, interracial couples may have a greater degree of difficulty in navigating through those issues. However, couples that can work through those racial differences and cultural misunderstandings can possibly have more stability in their relationship than same-race couples. Understanding those differences and having an appreciation for them can strengthen a relationship and build a long lasting bond that a couple can cherish.

Let’s take a look at these interracial couples who got a lot of the Racist comments but they can handle it and they even live happy with their interracial relationships.

“Don’t like black women?”

“They’re disgusting”

“Look at you taking another one of our good black men”

“There’re other black girls out there”

“All she wants from you is a green card”

“You’ll never be able to give her what a white man could”

“Why are you with her?”

“No other man will ever want you”

“I’ll bet your parents are really proud of you”

“Bitches like that are the reason we can’t get a good black man”

“What are you doing hanging out with n*****s?”

“What’s wrong with American women? Do you not like American women?”

“If she can’t use your comb, don’t bring her home!”

“You must like milky way”

“I told you a black woman lived with a white man in that house!”

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