15 Secret Things Men Will Absolutely Never Reveal To Women, According to Study

It is no secret that even in the modern, gender neutral world we live in, there are certain qualities and attributes that clearly separate the men from the women. After millennials of living in (slight) harmony, there is still so much that we don’t understand about each other. Whether that is because some things are better left unsaid, or that it could ruin some serious flirt-game is yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, like there are things woman won’t reveal to men; these dark, dirty secrets that men didn’t want us to know are just as scandalous.

There is something about diving into a mans mind that makes us feel powerful- and also immensely offended if we’re being honest- and gives us the opportunity to once again try to decipher why they do the things they do. Will there ever be a time when man and woman and genuinely understand each others minds? Probably not. But that didn’t stop us from diving head first down the exciting and terrifying whirlwind of males exclusivity.

Although these revelations aren’t going to be too shocking to those who have ever met any kind of typical man ever, it is still a wild ride down to the ugly truth.

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