15 Secret Things Men Will Absolutely Never Reveal To Women, According to Study

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15. He Prefers When You Put Effort Into Your Look

It is in a man’s primitive nature to be able to brag about his woman. He understands that everyone wants what they can’t have- so when your man has the opportunity to show off his girl to those who can’t take you home at the end of the night, you best believe that he will. Speaking in shallow terms, this definitely works better when you look your best. Although he accepts and adores you for who you are, seeing you dressed to the nines and rocking your look with confidence is what he worships most. It is that wild, physical attraction that gives a man drive, so don’t be surprised if he shows more affection towards you when you’ve chosen an outfit other than track-pants and a baggy shirt.

14. The First Thing He Noticed Was Way South Of Where Your Eyes Are

Contrary to what he would like you to believe, it wasn’t those sparkling eyes of yours that caught his attention. That’s just his instincts kicking in to ensure you he isn’t a sleaze. What can we say? Boys will be boys- and there is nothing they love seeing more than those deadly curves on a rocking body. However, this isn’t saying that he didn’t fall for your other features. During introductions, it really could have been your wicked smile or flirtatious eyes that held onto his intrigue. You could have done your hair perfectly and spent hours perfecting that winged liner. But at the end of the day, the eyes want what they want- and in most cases, a man’s eyes have a natural flare for a stunning silhouette.

13. Intoxicated Women Are Unattractive

This one won’t be a surprise to most, but it is still a common silent pet-hate to any man with standards. Harsh, but true. We have all been there, though. Those nights when you’re out with your girls and want to let your hair down just a little bit. A few tequila sunrise jugs down and you feel as though you could conquer the world! And with that, comes some tremendous flirting skills you never knew you had- however, those talents will go to waste more times than not. Men don’t find intoxication attractive! When a woman loses her composure, or has a smudge of lipstick casing the side of her face, it sends off red flags to men that can be perceived as messy and reckless in the worst way.

12. Too Much Makeup Is A Turn Off

Sometimes we have a tendency to go a little over the top with our hair and makeup when a special event arises. It feels good to be a little dressed up, plumping lips and sticking on eyelashes that could blow us away if the wind is strong enough. For us, it’s a trend that we do to make ourselves feel hot as hell- yet, for the majority of males, it gives the opposite effect. Too much makeup is a turn off. Whether it’s because they can’t see your natural beauty through it all, they misconstrue it as a self-confidence issue or, putting it simply, you resemble a clown. Either way, sometimes the best way to impress a man is to keep your makeup minimal. Showing men you’re confident enough to go natural in a world of eccentricity is the sexiest move.

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