15 Secret Things Men Will Absolutely Never Reveal To Women, According to Study

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11. “She’s Like One Of The Guys” Is The Friend-zone

When a man introduces you to his friends as “one of the guys”, most of the time what he really means is “She’s a friend” or “she can hang”. Now, this isn’t always the case. If you have been dating for a while and his friends knew you as the girlfriend first, being called one of the guys can be taken as a compliment. He’s comfortable enough to chill with you and his friends without feeling as though he needs to put his masculinity at risk. However, first introductions are crucial. If a man wanted his friends to know what you meant to him, he’d introduce you as his girl, or at the very least, someone he’s been seeing. If you’re being introduced as “one of the guys”, sorry honey- this is the male equivalent of the friend-zone.

10. Somebody Else Turns Him On

It’s no secret that when talking stereotypes, men have a libido that skyrockets far beyond women. Intimacy plays a vital role in any relationship, whether it’s a casual fling or something deeper. However, although it is a hard truth to swallow, sometimes the attention he is giving you doesn’t derive from something you have said or done. Men will never tell you, but there will be times when he wants to fool around simply because somebody else turned him on. It could be a woman jogging passed without a solid sports bra, or an attractive actress on television. Really, it could be a picture of a random girl with a nice smile- men will be men. Nonetheless, the fact remains. The intimate attention you’re receiving isn’t always yours to begin with.

9. He Would Rather Hang Out With His Friends

its not that you are a bore to be around, however just like we need time to spend with our girls, men follow a certain “bro-code” that they keep highly regarded in their social life. Men love being around other men- and their friends hold a distinct place in their lives that can sometimes override spending time with their companions. Most of the time, a man would rather be hanging out with “the boys” rather than kicking back, watching the notebook. No surprise there! Don’t take it to heart- just like we would rather be downing a bottle of wine with the girls rather than sitting through an agonizing game of football, men would rather do the opposite. It’s a stereotype, of course. But its just how the world is.

8. Men Have Just As Many Body Image Issues As Women

Modern society has painted this image where woman have such immense competition to portray a sense of beauty. Standards like sustaining a slim figure, growing long, luscious hair and having large, perky breasts. Contrary to popular belief, men suffer just as much- if not more in these aspects. It’s hard to keep up with the label of what women are looking for in a man. If a man isn’t 6”+, built with structured abs and cant grow a full, groomed beard, you best believe that he is self-conscious about that. They may not peak about it as freely as we do because they don’t want to put their masculinity to the test- nonetheless, men really do have it just as tough as women.

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