15 Secret Things Men Will Absolutely Never Reveal To Women, According to Study

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7. He Did See That Text

Let’s face it- its 2017 and the world practically revolves around your phone- we have typically become reliant on our devices to be kept up to date in every single aspect of the world- including communicating with that cute guy you met at the bar the other week. Disregarding times when you genuinely don’t have access to your phone like being at work or deciding to spontaneously venture to some unknown part of the world that doesn’t have phone service- there is no reason to not being able to spend .02 seconds of your time to reply to a text. If you haven’t received a message from a man (or anyone, really) in a few days, its definitely not because he didn’t see it. People make time for the things that are important to them. At the end of the day, if he isn’t texting you back it’s because you are not a priority.

6. Communication Is Not Always Key

Communication plays a vital role in every relationship. Without a clear understanding of ones views or their outlook on situations, any connection once had is bound to wither. However, that doesn’t mean that some things really are better left unsaid. In a mans world, communication doesn’t always mean to speak about your feelings. Communication can be distinguished through body language or physical acts. Sometimes, men enjoy expressing their feelings through physicality’s rather than verbally saying something. Again, this is a natural phenomenon for men as sometimes it can be uncomfortable to open up and say things that could potentially be embarrassing.

5. He Wants More In The Bedroom

Its not that whatever you are doing in the bedroom currently is boring- if a man can, he will. They aren’t that fussy. However, that’s not to say that sometimes something more wouldn’t be fun. Intimacy is a powerful tool and it’s a pleasure that no man would want to give up. However, at the same time they won’t always be completely satisfied with mundane or predictable activities. Like anything in life, the more you think about it the more you want to change it up a bit. For a man, trying something new and exciting in the bedroom will always be running through his mind. He just won’t say anything in the cautionaries of losing his chances of getting it altogether.

4. When You “Fake It” You’re Not Fooling Him

If you are the lucky 10% of the female population, you haven’t had to “fake it” to get things over and done with- congratulations! We are all extremely jealous. However, for the 90% of what is left, we have some bad news. If he knows how the female anatomy works, he also knows that you didn’t really just have the best time of your life in the bedroom. He knows that when you say “you’re the best I have ever had”- that is a lie. Sometimes are harder to know than others-we have grown to be very impressive actresses. Nonetheless, there is no use in trying to save his manhood through a little white lie when you both know that your socks weren’t rocked.

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