15 Secret Things Men Will Absolutely Never Reveal To Women, According to Study

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3. Men Also “Fake It”

Definitely not as often as women, however some men really have had to “fake it” in the bedroom! It isn’t always because of something we have done. Sometimes hours of exercise just doesn’t cut it for men and naturally, their performance will drop because of it! Wanting to stroke our egos just as much as we do for them, a man will fake his happy ending in order to get out of any awkwardness. Don’t take it so personally- woman are just as bad for this. Although it may be a lot harder to hide the evidence and they will never readily admit it, men really do fake their fun in the bedroom. It could be for a variety of reasons, he’s too tired, he feels like he puts in all the work and wants to get it over with, or he’s has an early morning. Whatever the reasons is, guys do fake it…so keep that in mind!

2. You’re Annoying When You’re Around Your Friends

When people are comfortable around their friends, it brings out a side to them that isn’t always a lot of fun. For women, our friends can become our personal anchors when hanging out in a group with your man. You’re more confident and playful because you have your gal-pals to fall back on- but that doesn’t mean it is all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, comfortability also means freely showing off- which a lot of the time can lead to cattiness or immaturity. Men see this, but don’t always understand it. When you’re around your friends, that slight change in personality is annoying- particularly because of their lack of history and clique in the group, which causes them to feel like an outcast at times.

1. He Cries More Than You Know

We need to forget about the societal standards of men vs women in emotional capacities and start understanding that gender doesn’t define how sensitive emotions can be at any point in someone’s life. Men are just as emotional and dependent on compassion as women- although because of these standards that have been set in concrete around the world, men just don’t feel as comfortable addressing things that have upset them. To maintain their virile personas, men will hide certain things that have hurt them or pulled at their heartstrings. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel things. Surprise, ladies! Men are sensitive. It’s quite the revelation, but don’t expect to start having heart to hearts about love and romance until the world can embrace that delicate side.

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