15 ‘Taboo’ Things That Might Actually Salvage A Relationship

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There are many relationship ‘taboos’ that we actually shouldn’t be avoiding.

When it comes to relationships, everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing. Even though every relationship is different because it’s a unique union between two people, society seems to think there are certain rules to follow, and there are definitely certain taboos.

However, if you pause to think about them, there are many relationship ‘taboos’ that you actually shouldn’t be avoiding. In fact, embracing some of those taboos might just make your relationship much healthier and happier. The only challenge is that you need to shake off societal expectations and question your notion of what exactly a relationship should look like. I mean, who hasn’t seen what seems like a picture-perfect relationship and questioned why theirs doesn’t quite measure up to that unattainable ideal?

In reality, what works in a relationship has to be decided by the people within it. If there are certain taboos that you just don’t see fitting into your relationship, you don’t need to embrace them — but, there just may be a few that have a positive impact on your relationship, and perhaps may even salvage it.

Here are 15 taboo things that just may improve your relationship, even though you wouldn’t expect it.

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