15 Things He Really Does After A Break-Up

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12. “U There?”

If you’re getting this text message from a dude, it’s either from an ex or your FWB. If it’s from your FWB, it might not be likely that he misses you, but he might be missing something else in that moment. But if this text comes from someone you used to date and haven’t seen in days, weeks, or even months, it’s a definite sign that this guy is hard-up for your attention. The immediacy of this text probably means that he’s had a few drinks and wants to talk to you, like now. While your first thought might be that he’s wasted and just wants a booty call, it’s more likely that he’s been drinking to get you off of his mind and, in his courageous and intoxicated state, decided to act on his basic instinct, which is to call you and hear your voice. That is, if you respond to his question.

11. “Was Looking Through My Phone & Found Old Photos Of Us. This One Makes Me Smile.”

Anyone who has ever been bored with their phone has no doubt spent hours scrolling through old photos before. It’s kind of interesting to experience that little blast from the past and relive fun memories you’ve had. It’s not all that uncommon, so when you get this text from a guy, it can mean one of two things: your boyfriend is bored, scrolling through his phone, and wants to make you smile with a pic that also tugs at his heartstrings, or your ex is sending you old pics because he misses you and wants to know if you feel the same way. He might think that it’s harmless, but it’s really just creepy. Instead of “bored scrolling” being a relatable pastime, it becomes something that you know your old bf has been doing for hours, looking at old pictures of the two of you, which just weirds you out.

10. “It’s Really Cold Tonight.”

Depending on who this text is coming from, this little fact might get mixed reactions. Either way, you’re probably being missed in one way or another. If it’s from a guy you’re just starting to talk with and maybe have gone on a date or two with, it shows you that this guy can’t stop thinking about you and is hoping the great sense of observation he has will initiate an opportunity to chat with you into the wee hours of the night. You might even fall for this little line. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it could simply be a cute way of saying, “I’m cold. Come warm me up.” But if this text was sent by a former lover, it’s just random and mostly just suggests that he’s lonely. He probably doesn’t know what to say, but he knows he has to say something, and he’s hoping the weather report will start a conversation.

9. “I Just Ate At That Restaurant You Like.”

If a guy misses you and sends you this text, it’s likely from a new guy who’s trying to win you over, or someone you wish you could forget. But one thing is common between these two types of guys: they’re trying to make you jealous, which is true even if this text was coming from your best guy friend or a brother. They may not miss you like those first two types of guys do, but they do want to rub the experience in your face. If it’s from the first two types of dudes, he’s hoping that the jealousy will jumpstart other feelings from you, like curiosity of who he was with. It’s likely he just went alone, but you don’t know that. While he secretly wants to pique your interest with this bit of information, he mostly just wants to let you know that he went somewhere that you like, in hopes that you’ll read between the lines that his thoughts of you led him to the restaurant to begin with. Oh, and also for the excuse of being able to text you.

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