15 Things He Really Does After A Break-Up

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8. “Heard You Were Dating So-And-So.”

If your ex messages you after a long bout of no contact and points out to you that he’s well aware of who you’ve been canoodling, this is his way of trying to weasel his way back into the picture because he can’t handle the fact that you’re with someone else. He knows that you’re dating again (most likely before him), and he wants you to know that he knows. While his acknowledgement won’t do much for you in terms of caring, he could take it one step further and be a real d*ck about it by being extremely judgemental of your new guy and might even warn you to stay away from him (if it happens to be a guy he knows). Mostly, he’s just jealous that someone else has you when he still wishes you were together. He probably wants you back and his attack on your new man is just because he believes that no one is good enough for you, except him.

7. “Remember When We Went On That Road Trip A Couple Years Ago?”

By taking you for a trip down memory lane via a memorable IM, you can be sure that the guy who texted you is missing being in your presence. Reminiscing about “the good old days” is a sure indication of where his heart and mind are living, and it’s in the past, with you and the happiness you once shared. Maybe he’ll mention something random like a funny shirt you found for super cheap, only so he can bring up the laughs and positive references, hopefully to make you remember how things were, and possibly how they could be again. Even if this text isn’t from your ex, you can be sure that the guy who sent it definitely misses you and might want to share a similar experience with you again. Or maybe he just wants to know the name of that one great restaurant you guys ate at.

6. “I Thought About You All Day.”

No matter the person who sent this, you can bet that they’re hella missing you. It’s clear as day and there’s no reading between the lines, because they’ve virtually spelled it out for you. The truth is, he probably did spend the whole day thinking about you, and you know what? He’s not shy about letting you know that you’ve been on his mind. Intriguing? Yes. Endearing? Kinda. I mean, there’s not much you can say or do in response to this text except for feel a little flattered and a lot like the ball is in your court. With a statement like that, what do you even say? Thank you? If they don’t know any better, they’re probably hoping for a “I’ve been thinking about you, too.”, but that’s wishful thinking and only likely if you’re in the first year of dating someone.

5. “How’s Work Going?”

When someone asks about work, it’s a definite way of reaching out to learn about how you are and what you’ve been up to. Since work is such a huge part of our lives, it’s a very safe and simple question that can provide so much information (but only if the recipient is willing to elaborate on their day-to-day). He’s showing interest in the side of your life that doesn’t include him, but mostly he wants to know what’s going on with you. Bringing up the topic of work is fairly neutral ground and a great catalyst for stray in the conversation. He’s not really beating around the bush about reaching out to you, nor has he thought much about the text, all he knows is that he was thinking about you and decided to touch base in a simple and effective way.

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