16 Serious and Hilarious Reasons Why Men And Women Will Never Understand Each Other

So much has been said and written about relationships between men and women, that it would seem impossible to add anything new to the subject. But the paradox is – no matter how much you read or consult specialists in this area, you can never find the answer to the main question – why do men and women always compete with each other? Why can’t creatures, so obviously meant to be “two halves of one whole,” come to mutual understanding.

Any man engaged in a relationship will tell you that his other half always asks for too much, and that he can’t even imagine fulfilling all her needs. And any woman, in return, will say, that her man is lazy, doesn’t care for her enough, is egocentric, indifferent, and much, much more. In short – women are never happy with their men, and men are practically scared of women, because they have no idea how to realize their idea of a perfect relationship.

In addition, we find it extremely difficult to understand each other when it comes to very important, basic questions of life. A famous movie director once said: “Why are there no great female writers? Because a woman can’t sit still. She must run around and do something. And men? They are ready to sit all their life!”

The followings are 16 serious and hilarious reasons why men and women will never understand each other

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