16 Serious and Hilarious Reasons Why Men And Women Will Never Understand Each Other

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Some of the funniest things about life are the things we all have in common, along with all the little differences that make us who are. No matter how much time passes, some things never change, including the ways men and women will never be the same in more ways than one.

1. The Truth When It Comes To Shampoo

It’s tough to even wonder if guys check if the shampoo they bought even smells good until right before they use it in the shower. With ladies, they want a long term relationship when they choose their shampoo and have a vetting process similar to choosing a mate. It’s the truth!

2. Packing

Let’s be honest here, we can all admit that most guys are short-term planners when it comes to vacation and ladies are long term planners. If you’re a guy and you can’t throw everything in one bag within five minutes, you need to check your head. Your girl is probably going to need that room for all of her stuff, whether you’re going away for three days or two weeks.

3. Dating Vs. Hooking Up

The difference between most single guys and girls is illustrated perfectly here—guys are looking for hook ups and ladies are already analyzing potential boyfriend material. Check your heads, fellas, because each of your expectations are going to meet reality here and she won’t be afraid to tell you what she wants or how she feels.

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