16 Serious and Hilarious Reasons Why Men And Women Will Never Understand Each Other

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4. Basking In The Moment

Sometimes guys aren’t the greatest at reading the signs ladies provide them with, but it’s probably because most men are focused on what’s right in front of them, whereas ladies are always multi-tasking when it comes to where things are headed. Bless you for trying, ladies!

5. Going Shopping

When most men go to the mall they’re on a mission and bust in and out like they’re pulling a heist. Mission accomplished! Ladies are there to see the sights, bump into friends, check out everything and anything on sale and scope out every window display.

6. Breaking Up

Guys love to pretend like everything’s fine right after a relationship comes to an end. They bottle up their emotions, pretending everything’s fine and party their problems away. Ladies are usually a wreck for the first couple weeks but deal with their emotions head on and are usually better off in the long run.

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