16 Serious and Hilarious Reasons Why Men And Women Will Never Understand Each Other

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13. Watching A Baby

It probably has something to with the fact that men can’t get pregnant, so naturally their relationship with children will always be different than how women interact with them. It turns out babies aren’t playthings.

14. Organizing Their Work Space

Things might look like a disaster but there’s usually a method to the madness and men prefer to call it “orchestrated chaos,” rather than just a mess. If you actually move something, he might think it’s gone forever because he can’t find it with his “unique” organization method.

15. Breaking A Nail

Men don’t typically pride themselves on their nails, even if they take great care of them. Between the time, energy and attention some ladies put into their nails, breaking one could be their breaking point. At that point, duck and cover, fellas.

16. Getting Their Hair Cut

Most women take better care of their hair than men take care of their cars. You know you better think fast when you get asked, “So do you notice anything new?” Do a quick scan of the current hair style and ninety-nine percent of the time the answer is somewhere in there.

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