17 Things To Do When You Get Bored In Your Relationship, Recommended by Experts

Don’t freak out just because you’re feeling kind of yawn-y in your relationship. There are approximately a million things to do when you get bored in your relationship. Or — 17, to be exact. A million, 17, what’s the diff? In all seriousness, boredom in a relationship is often cause for alarm, but there’s really no need: Most of us get bored with everyday routines, because we are human and we crave variety. It’s totally normal to feel a little stiff, but you know what is not OK? Just accepting it and complaining and becoming complacent.

According to 17 dating and relationship experts, psychologists and other love gurus, there are plenty of ways to combat the day in, day out lull of life. If you’re feeling a bit stultified by the daily grind, stop fussing and start trying these 17 baller suggestions. You’ll be feeling much peppier in no time. In fact, even if you’re quite satisfied in your relationship, you wouldn’t lose out by trying these activities, because — why not? Relationships are never hurt by trying new undertakings, shaking things up, and generally moving and shaking everything around. And you’ll probably learn something about yourself in the process. Win-win.

1. Get Your Binge-Watching On

“Watch a TV series together,” Cindi Sansone-Braff, author of Grant Me a Higher Love , tells Bustle. “In the past, there was one TV in a household and not that many shows to choose from, so couples sat in the living room or the den watching a show together,” she says. “Now there are a gazillion shows to choose from and every room has a TV set, and television has become a solo activity.”

But you can use TV as a way to connect with your partner. “If you find that you and your partner are growing further apart and bored with each other, than why not use this medium as a means to reunite?” Braff says. “Choose a show that you both can watch together. For instance, The Voice is a great choice because you can watch it from the start of the season to the end. Talk about the singers, root for them, guess who will stay or go, and later on, purchase the songs you both loved and incorporate these songs into your life,” she says. Bonus points if you watch it live, which will enforce a specific time to hang together each week.

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