17 Worst Pickup Lines That 85% of Guys Are Still Using, According to Experts

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Breaking the ice with a complete stranger is never easy. The risk of being rejected is high, and these days online dating, and apps like Tinder have turned talking to someone in person practically unheard of. Usually being genuine, interesting, and just yourself is the best approach, but sometimes guys think they need to do something a little more extreme to stand out. Enter the ridiculous pickup line.

All you have to do is Google search pickup lines and you’ll find lists of clever, ready made ice breakers. But originality is usually appreciated, and it’s a chance to stand out and show the object of your desire that you have a personality. Even though most women probably just laugh at most pickup lines, the fact remains that sometimes, they work. A guy has hit the pickup line jackpot if he makes a girl laugh, and makes an impression. Some pickup lines are so bad they’re good, but some other ones are just bad, period. It’s a fine line.

Here are some of the worst pickup lines women have ever heard (but that’s not saying they didn’t work).

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