20 Warning Signs That His Affection To You Is Fake, 85% of Women Are Deceived

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20. He Only Texts When He’s Feeling Flirty, And Never When He’s Not

We all know that if a guy is into you, he tends to text non-stop… at least at first. It’s all “good morning, beautiful” and “how is your day going so far, gorgeous?” (he never fails to use those words when throwing nicknames your way because he knows it makes you go “awwww” even though you should know it should just be considered another red flag) but the longer you’re “together,” you’ll start to notice that those text messages are no more and you only hear from him late at night.

And not only that, but he seems to be nowhere to be found if YOU yourself are feeling flirty. Basically, what he’s trying to tell you subtly is that you’re working off of his time and his time only. He’s only texting you when he feels like he’s in need of attention, which is why it’s usually late at night. He wants someone who jumps when he says jump and thinks that if he throws enough attention at you in the beginning, you’ll do this constantly. Let him know you won’t tolerate any of that nonsense, and just walk away. Or, better yet, run at full speed away from this man-child.

19. He’s Always Busy, Hellooooo

Unless he’s a doctor, a criminal defense lawyer in Hollywood, or a bartender working in Washington D.C., he’s never too “busy”. This is a giant red flag if a guy’s lame excuse to blow you off is that he’s always “too busy”. You should always take it as a hint to hit the road because he’ll constantly be setting you up for disappointment right from the start. If you find that he was showering you with attention in the beginning (you know, after warning you that he is a busy person as to set it up perfectly later down the line) and then suddenly disappears with the lame excuse that he was “working too hard and didn’t have time to simply text you back,” you need to just cut the cord.

If a man truly has feelings for you and wants to be in your life for the long run, he’ll find the time to be with you. More importantly, he’ll make the time to be with you and make you a priority (even if he’s one of those three things I mentioned in the first sentence). No man is too busy to be with the person he genuinely cares for. I know that’s probably tough to hear, but it’s nonetheless true.

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