20 Warning Signs That His Affection To You Is Fake, 85% of Women Are Deceived

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12. You Always Need To Be The First To Text

If a guy is incredibly into you, he’s always the first to text because he craves your attention. And he’ll text ALL THE TIME, even if way later in the relationship after the honeymoon phase is over. But a guy who really doesn’t want to be in a relationship will be hard to get a hold. At the beginning of whatever it is you have with this guy, if you’re the first to text, that’s great – more power to you. But if you have to ALWAYS be the first to text him, you have some contemplating to do. Chances are if you always have to be the first to make a move, he enjoys being chased and gets a rush from it.

Giulia Simolo, a writer for Bolde, performed an experiment where she stopped being the first to text a guy she wasn’t into and had been seeing for about a month. It really opened her eyes when it took him a week of silence for him to actually ask her what was up.

“I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I’d been chasing this guy – hard,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t go a maximum of two days without getting in touch. It was ridiculous and he’d been lucky enough to have me there without having to lift a finger. He never actually moved those texts to something more because he just wasn’t into me enough. Taking time away from him showed me that loud and clear.”

11. He Really Doesn’t Like To Carry On Conversations

We all have that one friend that annoys the heck out of us in this particular fashion: whenever we have something important to say and write out a long paragraph, all they comment back with is “K”. What does that even mean? Basically, if they’re a close friend, they’re either just being lazy or they know it annoys you to the point of madness (I have a lot of friends like those. Brats are common). But what if the guy you happen to be enamored with tends to send you one-word answers to things you tell him or things you ask? You start to notice that he’s not one to carry on a conversation no matter how hard you try. You know what it means? It means you have to stop trying with this guy because he clearly isn’t very interested in dating you.

If a man isn’t a mime and doesn’t seem to like conversing with you, it’s time to let him go. Sure, your friends may say he’s shy and needs to open up a little more, but if a guy is fond of you and wants to date, he’s going to attempt to carry on a conversation with you (regardless if he’s shy or not) because he thinks highly of you and is genuinely curious about what you have to say. If all you’re getting is “K” as a response, it’s time to go.

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