27 Men Confess The Times They Were Completely Clueless To A Girl’s Flirting

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Flirting on first impression is a game of chance, and however good you may be, there’s always a chance for misinterpretation and failure unless she’s already interested in flirting with you.

The following are the confessions of 27 men who were completely clueless to a girl’s flirting. Let’s check the stories below!


I was on a plane ride back from vacation one year when I was 16-ish. I went to the front of the plane to use the restroom and as I’m walking back to my seat, this girl hands me a piece of paper and goes, “You dropped this.”

I’m one hundred percent confident that I didn’t have any paper in my pocket beforehand, so I politely say, “No, I didn’t, but thank you.”

“Yes. You did. You dropped this,” she says firmly.

At this point, I’m irritated that this girl clearly doesn’t realize that I’m more aware of the contents of my pockets than she is, so I tell her once again, in front of increasingly bewildered passengers, that I did not drop any paper.

Her mom (I assume) laughs, and the poor girl, exasperated at this point, says “Just take the paper!” So I say, “Fine!” And return to my seat, where my parents laugh at me while I open the paper with her phone number on it and realize I’m the dumbest person I will ever meet.



She showed me her nipple piercing, by removing her entire shirt and bra.

I said, looks nice.

She said, did you get a close look?

I said, yup they did a good job.

Shirt went back on.


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