23 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure Relationship Is Never Boring

It’s easy to get complacent in a relationship, which is why it’s important to spice things up every once in awhile. Some men take their significant others out for a spontaneous romantic dinner for example. Others come home with bouquets of flowers, not to say “i’m sorry” but simply to say “you rock.” And some men like to keep things interesting by leaving cardboard cutouts of clowns in the washing machine and pretending to cut their partner’s hair off when they’ve got their back turned. After all, nothing says “I love you” quite as much as a good old practical joke…right?

Scroll down for more examples of men who are willing to risk their relationship for the sake of a laugh or two. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

#1 When My Wife Leaves Town, I Get Bored. Six Days Into Her Vacation I Joked “I’m Going To Have A Formal Dinner With The Cats.” Then I Thought About It For A While

#2 My Wife Wanted A Run-Of-The-Mill Birthday Party. I Asked Her, “So Just A Generic Party?” This Is The Result

#3 My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob…

#4 Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble

#5 Had Minor Surgery Today. My Husband Didn’t Want To Take Any Chances So He Wrote Instructions On My Arms And Legs

#6 I Ask My Husband If He Realises He Has Never Actually Painted Us Both In The Same Painting So He Paints This Masterpiece

#7 My Girlfriend Took A Pic At The Dallas Aquarium. I Took A Pic At Target. They’re Virtually Indistinguishable

#8 My Wife Didn’t Appreciate My Fridge Magnet Poem

#9 This Is What Happens When You Let Your Boyfriend Take The Cat To The Groomer

#10 My Wife Didn’t Want To Take Maternity Pictures, So I Hired A Photographer And Took Her Place

#11 My Girlfriend Said If I Could Find Uglier Footwear, She Would Stop Poking Fun At My Crocs

#12 The Way This Husband Is Thankful To His Wife And Children

#13 The Boyfriend Got In Trouble Yesterday. He Sent Flours To My Office Today To Apologize

#14 When My Wife Asked Me To “Touch Up” Our Engagement Photos

#15 I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsman

#16 Boyfriend

#17 This Is How You Support A Marathoning Girlfriend

#18 My Newly-Wed Friend Left This For His Wife

#19 Last Night I Told My Boyfriend, Who Is A Coke Fan, That I Like Pepsi Next. This Is What I Found When I Got Home Today

#20 My Girlfriend Was Out Of Town So My Dog And I Finally Had The Dinner We’re Always Putting Off

#21 My Husband Always Leaves Me Notes When He Has To Leave Town For Work

#22 Heard My Husband Telling The Dog To Stay Still In The Kitchen, Walked In And This Greeted Me

#23 “Sεχ After 40” Book Prank


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