30 Lessons About Relationships That Finally Clicked Into My Brain When I Turned 30

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What is it about relationship ‘experts’ that makes their advice so useful? They almost always have suggestions that are common sense, but their clever and clear use of words makes their lessons stand out and become memorable. Here are are 30 lessons about relationships that I’ve learned by age 30. Read the whole story below!

My 20s were a scalding hot mess that felt like running on a treadmill and struggling to catch your breath. It’s painful, and you think your heart is going to EXPLODE out of your chest.

“Oh, it must be worth something,” you think, until you realize after 35 minutes that you actually haven’t moved a lick, and you’re just stuck on the same machine in the same dismal, poorly-lit gym.

But to my babies who are still in their 20s (and even you teen creatures), I have really good news: All of these messy relationships, shame spirals, epic mistakes, bad hookups and toxic love affairs aren’t for nothing, my sweet kittens.

Somewhere between 29 and 32, the clouds will break open, the sun will shine through, you’ll finally be able to see the horizon clearly and everything will just make sense.

You’ll realize all of the hard shit you’ve dealt with has taught you powerful lessons about love (and sεχ).

Each bad relationship is just bringing you closer to finding the kind of healthy, wonderful love you deserve — the kind that takes you higher, not lower.

Each bad relationship is just bringing you closer to finding the kind of healthy love you deserve.

The infinite struggle of my twenties was all worth it. Now, I have a huge spectrum of healthy relationship lessons I’ll never forget.

Here are 30 Lessons About Relationships I Learned By Age 30

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