5 Times when It’s Healthy to Make Compromises in Your relationship and Those In Which You Should Stand Your Ground

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3. Decorating your home– Let’s face it — the last thing we want to see in our homes is NFL memorabilia, neon lights of Budweiser emblems, and foosball tables in place of the dinner table. But this doesn’t mean you should go hog wild with floral prints and potpourri. Your living space needs to reflect both you and your significant other’s tastes, so let him share some of his home decor input too.

4. He wants a pet- If your man is dying to get a dog and you’re not so keen on the idea, try not to automatically rule it out. Saying “no” instantly will make you come across as overly controlling, so it’s best to at least hear him out. Have him do some research and choose a breed that he thinks both of you might like before you nix the idea altogether. Plus, since caring for a pet is such a huge responsibility, investing in one may give you some insight into how he may handle fatherhood down the road — just don’t bring up that part in conversation.

5. Sharing his interests- Watch some of his favorite movies, accompany him to see his favorite band in concert, or let him give you a history lesson on WWII, if that’s where his passions lie. While you may be bored out of your mind, you’d want him to show the same level of respect for your interests and hobbies, so suck this one up and show him that you care.

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