6 Things You Should Never Stop Asking For In Your Relationship, Experts Suggest

Relationships are give and take. You give your time, thoughts, consideration, care and love to your partner — and then you expect something in return.

But people are different. Some of us give more, while others give less. Some expect to receive more, while others are more than OK with receiving less than they give.

Sometimes, what we’re willing to give and accept in return doesn’t align with how much our lover is willing to give and accept. When this happens, the relationship becomes filled with heated arguments, frustrating emotions and more tears than smiles.

This is why communication is key. You need to keep an open dialogue between yourself and the person you love. You need to always want to learn more about each other, to always want to understand him or her a little better in order to make the necessary adjustments to keep the love alive. This may sound exhausting, but if you’re with the right person, it shouldn’t feel that way.

Don’t expect your lover to read your mind. Soul mates or not, you can’t expect your partner to always be in tune with your wants and needs; your partner has his or her own life they need to worry about as well. Talk to your partner and ask for whatever it is you need. Make it easier for BOTH of you.

It’s funny. If we all just learned to use our words and ask for the things we want in life, we’d all be a whole lot happier. Countless relationships fail because neither person asks for what they want. People are either too afraid to ask or think they shouldn’t have to ask.

Well, that’s wrong. Not only should you ask, but you need to ask. In fact, there are some things you should never stop asking for in a relationship. Here are a few.

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