6 Things You Should Never Stop Asking For In Your Relationship, Experts Suggest

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1. Consideration

Being in a relationship with someone means being considerate. Sure, you can split decisions to make things more efficient. However, you should be part of all the important decisions.

Don’t be afraid to let your partner know you want to be a larger part of the decision-making process.

2. Time

In this day and age, just about everyone has passions and goals they’re pursuing outside of the relationship. Finding the right balance between work and love life is the only way to achieve happiness.

If you’re not getting enough time with the person you love, let him or her know. Of course, be considerate of what he or she wants to accomplish, and make compromises when acceptable. But if things are crossing a line, then let your partner know.

People think love will last no matter what, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you allow yourself to spend too much time apart, the space you create will become permanent.

3. Presence

The only thing worse than having a lover that’s never there is having one that’s not there mentally when he or she is there physically.

Noticing the person you love isn’t there with you in the moment hurts like hell. You finally have some time together, yet it feels like you’re even further apart. It’s not always easy to shut off all the crap going on in our livest, but these moments make life worth living.

Ask your partner to be with you when he or she is with you, to really try to focus on the two of you at that very second. Don’t just do it for you; do it for the one you love.

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