7 Commonly Ignored Signs That Your Relationship Is Past Saving

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1. Every little thing turns into something bigger than it should.

This was one of the biggest signs for me that my relationship was way past saving. I found myself constantly turning the littlest arguments into way bigger things than they should have been. If my ex said something questionable, I’d take it completely out of context. Then, I’d create a huge argument.

I realized I was hurting the relationship because I wasn’t in love anymore. I didn’t feel the way I once did. I almost wanted to give him a reason to break up with me, just so I wouldn’t come across as the bad guy.

2. Every little thing your partner does starts to bother you.

I started to look at little things – like leaving a dirty napkin on the table or not putting down the toilet seat – as obviously bigger issues than they should have been. Little annoyances started to take over my brain, and they made me not want to be with my boyfriend even more.

Every little thing he did made me cringe. I’d roll my eyes when he chewed too loudly. I’d be disgusted when he left his dishes in the sink for more than a day.

I’d be fuming when he didn’t make the bed in the morning. All these little things made my mind constantly run in circles with anger and frustration, and they made me want to break up with him even more.

3. You don’t feel wanted anymore.

Remember when you two first started dating, when he made you feel like the most special person on the planet? He’d do anything for you. He’d tell you every time he saw you just how taken aback by your beauty he was. You felt like a million bucks.

That spark should absolutely never die.

Your partner should never stop telling you those things when he feels them. He should never stop making you feel as special as he did when you two first got together.

It’s important that you feel wanted in your relationship. Because when you don’t, it does nothing but damage your self-esteem. This can, in turn, lead to bigger issues.

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