7 Commonly Ignored Signs That Your Relationship Is Past Saving

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4. You’re not having fun anymore.

While relationships are never all rainbows and butterflies, they should still add happiness to your life. Having this partner in your life should make you a better person. He should make you smile on your darkest days. He should help you experience new things and take chances.

If you’re not branching out of your comfort zone and having fun, it’s probably time to end the relationship. It might be past saving if you know deep down in your heart that you will never have fun with this person ever again, like you did before.

5. The trust has been broken.

Simply put, once one partner in a relationship has broken trust, the relationship will never be the same.

Take my best friend, for example: She’s been with her boyfriend for almost two years. But about a year ago, she found out that he had cheated on her toward the beginning of their relationship.

After that moment, nothing was the same. She always feels like he’s somewhere he shouldn’t be or doing something he shouldn’t be doing. She hasn’t felt completely at peace with her relationship since then. A majority of their arguments stem from her not trusting him.

Once the trust has been broken, it’s hard for things to go back to normal. Depending on the circumstances, this might be the breaking point in your relationship, thus making it impossible to save.

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