8 Women In Interracial Relationships Reveal What They Experience That Other Couples Don’t

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People made extremely racist comments about her child and her partner.

I have a child with a indian man, wer no longer together but when we where people often commented on how lucky we where that the child “came out so white!”

I was also told by a random older man I walked past on the street that “beautiful white girls get theyr life and reputation ruined by dead beat Africans all the time. It’s a shame you’ll never find a real man now!” Resisting the urge to slap him I simply walked up to him and told him to keep his ancient racist thoughts to himself.

Currently dating a Korean man and people (guys) mostly make comments like “call me when you want to feel real dick again” etc it’s pathetic.


Cooking together was challenging for them because of their different backgrounds.

Cooking together being such a challenge. I never thought i would be the first person to make green beans for a 42 y/o man. Lol. He also likes to cook for me, but a lot of our tastes just don’t match.


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