8 Women In Interracial Relationships Reveal What They Experience That Other Couples Don’t

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Too many people feel entitled to having opinions on the future of their babies.

Very strange comments about “half babies.” Not realizing that 1- I have no idea what my heritage or race even is, and 2- no bio. kids for me.

We also get really elitist and eugenic-y comments since we’re both super tall, about NBA babies. As if you’re guaranteed a spot just for being tall? Or that being a model would be my hypothetical child’s calling? it’s creepy


She exposed him to food he wouldn’t have gotten to try otherwise.

The food. Being interracial, I was able to experience home cooked meal made with old family recipes. And I could request the dishes anytime I wanted. In exchange, he went out with my family often and tried other food that he would normally not try.


Her family members didn’t accept her partner in the beginning.

Well not so much now, but backlash from family members at the beginning. I know backlash can occur for reasons other than race, but had my boyfriend been white there would have been no issue at the beginning.


The lack of acceptance from his mother tore their relationship apart.

His mom wasn’t really on board with the fact that I wasn’t Indian (I am Filipino). We are separated now and I think that was one factor that put a strain on our relationship.


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