Adele Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After 2018

Adele Plastic Surgery- Adele Before And After

The rumors of Adele plastic surgery began spreading and becoming hot topic in several forums after she returned back to the spotlight with new releases and a great figure.

According to Dr. Reneto Calabria, the procedure of Adele surgery is most likely a nose job. The surgeon’s allegation is based on her nose which now looks smaller with more pointed tip, indicating nice nose surgery.

Want to see how Adele nose looks before and after? Let’s see the pictures below!

Adele Nose Before and After
Adele Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Adele Nose Job Before and After

From the pictures of Adele before and after above, can you see the difference? Did Adele really have a nose job done?

Judging by before and after photos above, people see that 28-year old Adele has had a few changes in her appearance lately. This leads to rumors that the singer has undergone a rhinoplasty surgery.

However, any changes in her appearance might be the result of improved makeup application and even weight loss after a major throat surgery, rather than the results of a plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu tells Celebuzz that he does not believe the rumors of Adele nose job. What about you?

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