Angelababy Plastics Surgery Before and After 2018

Angelababy Plastics Surgery – Angelababy Before and After Surgeries

Is it possible for Angelababy changed her appearance without plastic surgery? That is the question when some people see her beuaty evolution. Looking at her new appearance viewers believe that she has had a little work done in her face. They predict that the procedures of Angelababy Plastics Surgery are double eyelid surgery, nose job, jaw and chin surgery as well.


Did Angelababy really have plastics surgery? Let’s investigate by comparing some photos of her, before fame with the recent ones.

Angelababy Plastics Surgery Before and After Pictures

If you compare the pictures of Angelababy before surgeries with the recent photos, you will see the striking difference between before and after. See the pictures below!

angelababy plastics surgery before after
angelababy plastics surgery pictures

Angelababy Plastics Surgery Before After Photos
Angelababy Plastics Surgery Before After Pictures

Now, let’s identify whether Angelababy has undergone a double eyelid surgery, nose job, jaw implant, and chin surgery.

Angelababy Plastics Surgery – Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian women, particularly Chinese, rarely have big or wide opened eyes, their eyes usually look squinty. Look at Angelababy’s eyes! They look bigger and wider opened than they were before.

Angelababy Plastics Surgery Eyes

Looking at her amazing eyes people believe that there is possible for her to have a Blepharoplasty surgery. With big eyes her appearance now look much prettier than before.

What about the rumors of Angelababy nose job, clik NEXT to see the reviews of her rhinoplasty surgery.

Angelababy Nose Job

Judging from before and after photos, Angelababy might also have had a nose job done. This allegation is based on the shape of her nose which now looks much better defined than she was before.

Angelababy Nose Job Before and After

Take a good look at  the pictures of Angelababy before surgeries, her nose looks big and flat while in “after” photos they appear slimmer with more pointed at tip.

Angelababy Plastics Surgery – Jaw Implant & Chin Surgery

Besides nose job and double eyelid surgery, Angelababy was also rumored having undergone a jaw implant and chin surgery. The speculation is based on the shape of her jaw and chin which now looks sharper than before.

Angelababy Plastics Surgery Before and After Pictures

Looking at the result, the surgeon seemed to perform the procedures well on her. It can be seen from her V-shape face which looks perfect.

In short, Angelababy Plastics Surgery may be just a rumor. But, judging from before and after pictures the rumors seem to be an undeniable fact.

What do you think of Angelababy beauty evolution? Did she really have plastic surgery done? Feel free to share your comments with us!

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