Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery List with Pics 2018

Did Bella Hadid Have Plastic Surgery?

Bella Hadid is quickly becoming one of the hottest models, from New York Fashion Week to couture shows in Paris. But, a lot of people might not be aware of the beauty evolution of Bella Hadid.

bella hadid plastic surgery pics
bella hadid plastic surgery pics

Yes, the young starlet looks completely different from six years ago! What she had done to her face, so that she is almost unrecognizable.


Looking at Bella Hadid’s beauty transformation, a lot of beauty watchers guessed that the supermodel seemed to have plastic surgery procedures done to her face.

The most striking change in Hadi’s face is her nose. Viewers see that her nose now looks much different than it was before. See the pictures below!

bella hadid before after nose job pics
bella hadid before after nose job pics
bella hadid plastic surgery before and after
bella hadid plastic surgery before and after

Can you see the difference? Is it true Bella Hadid had undergone a nose job?

Judging from the picture comparisons above, Bella Hadid’s nose indeed looks different. Her nose now looks much better defined and slimmer though the tip of her nose looks strangely bony. However, I cannot say that it is the result of nose job (rhinoplasty) because she herself has never stated that she had a little work done to her nose.

bella hadid nose job before and after
Bella Hadid Nose Job Before and After

Besides nose job, some plastic surgery experts also predict Bella Hadid had fillers and cheek implants. However, the truth of these rumors are still debated among the surgeons because the signs of these cosmetic surgery procedures are very soft and almost invisible, not like the change of Bella Hadid nose.

In short, regardless of whether the rumors of Bella Hadid plastic surgery are true or not, every one seems agree that her appearance really looks much more beautiful now. Her nose has indeed changed, but it might be the effect of makeup and also possible nose job.

What do you think of Bella Hadid’s beauty evolution? Does she really look like getting nose job, filler and cheek implants?

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