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Beyonce Stretch Marks and Liposuction

Besides breast implants and nose job, Beyonce also reportedly had a liposuction even though this rumor reaps a lot of disputes.

Beyonce Liposuction Picture
Beyonce After Liposuction Picture

The rumors of Beyonce liposuction began spreading and became hot topic after some people saw her wearing scantily clad (a yellow swimsuit) on the beaches of St Tropez, France. They noticed that she had fresh curves, an eye-popping washboard stomach, and rear end assets that were truly bootylicious.

Beyonce Stretch Marks Photo
Beyonce Stretch Marks

Beyonce’s stomach indeed looks very firm and there is some lumpiness on her stomach which is believed as the effect of a liposuction procedure.

Beyonce Lips Surgery

Beyonce Lips Injection

Quoting from exclusive report published by, Beyonce looked like having a lips injection. This allegation was echoed by Dr. Anthony Youn, who has never treated the multi-award winning star.

“Her upper lip also looks like it may have been moderately enhanced, possibly with a filler like Juvederm,” he continued.

“Her smile lines, aka the nasolabial folds, also appear to have been reduced, maybe with an injectable filler like Restylane.”

What do you think? Did Beyonce lips appear to look like as the result of injectable filler?

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